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"The right information, at the right time is 90% of any battle"

                                                   ~ Napoleon

"The 'Art' of pleasing senior customers" ~ Washington Times
"Catering to the Elderly Can Pay Off" ~ The New York Times

Senior Consultant
Gary Onks
"The Natural" Senior Seller



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  * Size            Biggest, 81 Million adults are in this market segment


  * Power        79% of all financial assets are controlled by seniors


  * Worth        Over $ 2 Trillion spent on goods & services annually


  * Income       26% Higher Disposable Income than any other group


  * Growth      Fastest Growing, Every 7 Seconds it gets Larger


Bottom Line: The Senior Market is Booming and this Huge Consumer Base is Crying Out for Your Attention. We can show you the Specialized techniques and Strategies necessary to Reach and Influence this group. In order to Stay Competitive companies must Understand the mature market in order to Capture their share of these Consumers. Specific, Targeted and very Unique Methods are required to Reach this market segment. They are the Primary Market of the 21st Century and only "Seniorized" companies will Successfully reach these customers.



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