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Brand Asset Benefits


"If you can persuade your customer to tattoo your product or company name

on their chest, they will probably not ever switch brands"                          

                                           ~ Indiana University Professor, (re: Harley Davidson owners)


"The 'Art' of pleasing senior customers" ~ Washington Times
"Catering to the Elderly Can Pay Off" ~ The New York Times

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What is a Brand Asset?

A brand asset is a tool that enhances your products image, slogans, advertising, publicity, sales,

promotions and customer service. It helps to create a meaningful identity that builds emotional

bonds with your target audience. It compels them to take action and provides the logic that

justifies their decision in choosing your products.


What is the Seniorized® Seal?

The Seniorized® Seal is a concise statement and visual representation of your companies

commitment to serving the unique aspects of the senior marketplace. It’s a Brand Asset.


What does the Seniorized® Seal stand for?

The Seniorized® Seal communicates a strong commitment to senior consumers which naturally

builds trust & confidence in your company. It is a unique endorsement that will make the great

majority of seniors feel that your products are superior and a better buy.  It's a Trustmark.

It's also a "Life Friendly Design™" that signifies "easy to use" to your customers.


Won’t our advertising be just as effective without a Trustmark?

Companies spend Millions of dollars in advertising to build a strong brand identity. Still studies

have shown that their brands are not recognized any better than products bearing a TrustMark

Seal. A trustmark costs much less to license and produces similar sales results.


     "Nothing is stronger in closing sales than a 3rd party recommendation"


What are the requirements for earning the Seniorized® Seal?

Only products or services that have been reviewed & evaluated by Sold On Seniors, Inc., earn

the right to use the Seniorized® Seal. Sold On Seniors, Inc., then offers a one year (renewable)

license which enables companies to utilize and display the Seal.


What are the benefits of using the Seniorized® Seal?

You can use the Seal in all marketing efforts, including advertising, product packaging, signage

and promotions. In addition your brand will be promoted through listings in all our publications,

seminars, training programs and links on our website.


     "The Seniorized® Seal Builds Client Confidence & Sells Your Brand"


Are there exclusions from using the Seniorized® Seal?

Yes. Most products and services can be approved to use the Seniorized® Seal. But, our strong

commitment to seniors requires us to reserve the right to exercise our judgment in not granting

seal usage rights for products or companies we feel are inappropriate.




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