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      Comments about Gary Onks' Book

*****5 STAR Rating - (5 out of 5 stars)
"A very highly recommended, practical marketing book."
Sold On Seniors by marketing expert Gary Onks is a direct, no-nonsense,
bottom line guide to improving one's sales by marketing products directly to
senior citizens, who dominate marketplaces all across America. Chapters
disclose tips, tricks, techniques, and secrets to reaching the senior market,
getting oneself noticed and getting one's product sold. A very highly
recommended, practical marketing book especially as the baby boom generation
continues to age, Sold On Seniors is an invaluable introduction to this
specialized marketing niche for the novice entrepreneur, and a welcome reference
for even the more experienced business professional dealing with a clientele of
senior aged consumers or patrons.
                           ~ Midwest Book Review, March 26, 2002

 "This is a "must have" for your bookshelf on marketing to seniors. Gary has
 a real life perspective gained from experience that is invaluable. The book
 challenges many of our assumptions about this market... a welcome respite
 from more academic approaches.
                                ~ Joanne Fritz, Ph.D.

  "This is not your average sales improvement book. It's an homage to a group
  of people who have helped make America what it is today. It's heartfelt and
  honest, warm and inspiring. Your business will boom when Seniorized®."
                                                   ~ Dan Connolly, CEO
                                                      Word for Word Book Services

 "Many experts talk about managing customers, Gary shows you how
  to embrace them."
                  ~ Administrator, National Sales and Marketing Company
                     Washington, DC

  "EXCELLENT SALES BOOK! Chock full of sales tips that are very easy to
  extract and which can be put to practical use until the cows come home."
                                      ~ Paul J. Krupin, President/CEO
                                         Direct Contact Media Services
                                         Author of "Trash-Proof News Releases"

  "Your positive book and words of encouragement are truly appreciated."
                                  ~ Forbes 500 Company, President & CEO
                                     Columbus, Ohio

  "This book provides outstanding information for anyone in sales. It's
   also a fascinating and enjoyable book to read."
                          ~ Amos Healey, Pastor
                             Wilderness Baptist Church
  "COMPELLING READING! Gary's abundant use of real-life stories, quotes,
  statistical data, metaphores and 'plain simple logic' makes this required reading
  for anyone marketing to this demographic."
                                    ~ Steve Hesling, President/CEO
                                       American Telesis Corporation

  "An 'Undeniable Force' in the senior marketplace."
                   ~ David Ferguson, President
                      American Baptist Homes of the West

  "A wonderful book, expertly written and easy to read. A 'Must Have' for
  anyone in marketing. It's as modern and special as sliced bread."
                                      ~ Paul Hutchinson, CEC, CPFM
                                         Executive Chef Instructor
                                         Stratford University

  "The author does a great job of being bottom line oriented and showing that
  what it really boils down to is empathy. But, not all of us are seniors (yet) and
  fail to pick up on the day-to-day realities of their world or see the big impact
  of small things (e.g. brochures with nonglaring finishes). Well, now you don't
  have to be insightful. Just have enough business acumen to glean your insight
  from this author who lays out this world with action packed clarity. Much of
  the material in this book is 'gosh, I should have thought of that.' We can thank
  goodness, Gary Onks pulls it all together to form a strong program for getting
  close to this huge market."
               ~ Small Business Owner
                  Stow, Ohio

  "This book is just the ticket. We had been thinking about focusing towards
  older patients and Gary's book will guide our way."
                              ~ Specialist in Cosmetic and Family Dentistry
                                 Fredericksburg, Virginia

 "Having read this book, I consider it a privilege to have purchased it. In my
 many years as an avid reader I have read many books that have sales as their
 focus. But, this book by Gary Onks is a book which puts what is known as
 sales in a different catagory. Gary has put humanity and compassion into a
 subject that has always been presented without these attributes. And... he
 brings pride into selling!
 His book is a testament to helping people to purchase what they want and need
 by using understanding, respect and care. The fact that they get a product along
 with those great attributes is just the cherry on the cake.
 No matter if you are wanting better relations with those around you or if you are
 actually in the sales field you will get much more than you would expect from a
 book addressing either subject. I would recommend this book to anyone.
 Gary did not know I would want to review his book when I bought my copy
 (which he was kind enough to autograph) and I will receive no personal benefits
 from this recommendation. I recommend it because I believe this book is an
 asset for any person to have to help in understanding the people in their life. On
 top of that it is an excellent, pleasant and easy read."
                                      ~ James Tolchard
                                         North Carolina Businessman

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