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To my GrandPap and MeeMaw, the very best, most loving grandparents a child could ever

have. They shared everything in their lives with me, especially their time and attention. They

were my initial teachers in senior lifestyles and their farm was my safe haven. Life on the farm

with them are some of my most precious and enduring memories. Some of the best meals I've

ever eaten anywhere came off their old wood cookstove. The happiest times of my childhood

were being with them, learning from them, listening to their stories and basking in their love.


They literally stoked wood fires around the clock to keep me warm. More importantly they

fanned the glowing embers of love in my heart and made me feel so important and special. The

only things I could offer in return were to run errands and try to help out on the farm. They

called me their "legs" and said that I was "handy as a pocket in a shirt." I am more proud of

those titles than any other laurels in the world. 

They truly, totally loved me with all their hearts and lives, I miss them terribly and love them still.

In Honor of their memory, the services of Sold On Seniors, Inc., are totally dedicated to seniors worldwide with the hope and goal of helping companies to begin paying proper attention to your unique status, needs, hopes, dreams and desires.


My prayer is that all companies will fully commit to becoming sensitive to you and properly serving you. God Bless You One and All, you truly are the salt of the earth and the best folks anyone could ever have the privilege of knowing.


Gary D. Onks

"A Blessed and Loved Grandchild"

Grandson of Hess and Vicie Onks

Sold On Seniors


"The 'Art' of pleasing senior customers" ~ Washington Times
"Catering to the Elderly Can Pay Off" ~ The New York Times

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