January 17, 2002

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 Cracker Barrel Restaurants are Memory Makers ...Gets Seniorized« Seal of Approval Award

Cracker Barrel Restaurants have been awarded the Seniorized« Seal of Approval award for "memory making - senior friendly" retail excellence. The award plaque from Sold On Seniors«, Inc. was sent to Mr. Donald Turner, President of CBRL, Inc., in their corporate offices that are located in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Cracker Barrel is the second company to receive this distinctive recognition and was not aware they were being evaluated for this honor. The award is only be given to companies that are exceptionally unique in addressing senior issues such as: exterior ease of access, intuitive interior navigation, lifestyle ergonomics, helpful/polite personnel and client comfort.

Gary Onks, CEO of Sold On Seniors« says "Cracker Barrel really cuts the marketing mustard in serving seniors." He is so impressed with the nostalgic and senior friendly environment at Cracker Barrels that he wrote about them in his new book. On page 85 of "Sold On Seniors: How You Can Reach and Sell the $20 Trillion Senior Marketplace" he writes about Nostalgic Marketing. "The Cracker Barrel Restaurants, are an outstanding, retail example of this. Walking up to one of them is like stepping back in time into an old country store. Their very name reeks of hometown goodness, and invites you to come in for a visit. These places literally ooze every aspect of marketing to seniors. From the wording of menus, attire of the staff, store decorations and relaxed atmosphere; it's so nice to dine there, and shop the old-fashioned style of products.

The buildings themselves are designed to look like old country stores. The wide front porch is filled with rocking chairs, just like front porches of homes and stores used to have. As you walk in the door, every nook and cranny is filled with antiques, memorabilia and photos reflecting the good ole days. There are several tables with checkerboards that customers can use; many do, along with their kids, who love them too. There is a real, working fireplace in the dining room that adds to the "homey" warmth we all love and long for."

A strong advocate for seeing seniors better served, Onks says "Giving this award to Cracker Barrel is our way of acknowledging their leadership in senior friendly dining environments. All companies would do well to emulate their restaurant model to better serve the #1 consumer group that exists, senior citizens. Seniors are looking for and appreciate companies who show them that they care."

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Gary Onks, CEO of Sold On Seniors«, is a marketing consultant and author of a new
business book, "How You Can Reach & Sell the $20 Trillion Senior Marketplace."
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