January 10, 2002

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Borders Bookstores are Hospitality Havens

Borders bookstores have been awarded the Seniorized® Seal of Approval award for
friendly" retail excellence. The award plaque from Sold On Seniors®, Inc. was sent to Gregory
Josefowicz, President of Borders, Inc., in their corporate offices located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Borders is the first company to receive this distinctive recognition and was not aware they were
being evaluated for this honor. The award will only be given
to companies that are exceptionally
unique in addressing senior issues such as:
exterior ease of access, intuitive interior navigation,
lifestyle ergonomics, helpful/polite personnel and client comfort.

Gary Onks, CEO of Sold On Seniors®, Inc., is so impressed with the hospitality of Borders as
a shopping environment for seniors that he wrote about them in his
new book. On page 86 of
"Sold On Seniors: How You Can Reach and Sell the
$20 Trillion Senior Marketplace" he writes,
"Another fine example of making it ‘inviting’ to shop is Borders Bookstores, great hospitality.
They make it so very easy
to shop, browse, linger and socialize: lots of chairs, sofas, helpers,
refreshments, room to move about and excellent lighting. Their stores simulate warm, cozy dens
or family rooms. Seniors love it."

A strong advocate for seeing seniors better served, Onks says "Giving this award to Borders is
our way of acknowledging their leadership in senior friendly shopping
environments. All
companies should emulate their retail store model to better serve the #1 consumer group that
exists, senior citizens. Companies can gain market
share if they show seniors they care."

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Gary Onks, CEO of Sold On Seniors®, Inc., is a marketing consultant and author of a new
business book, "How You Can Reach & Sell the $20 Trillion Senior Marketplace."
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