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"The 'Art' of pleasing senior customers" ~ The Washington Times
"Catering to the Elderly Can Pay Off" ~ The New York Times
"America's Untapped Market: Seniors" ~ CBS MarketWatch

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Gary Onks
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Market Share, Show Seniors You Care"

"Business failures of the 21st century will not be companies lacking innovative products
they will be companies lacking ‘seniorized’ marketing skills."
                                                                              ~ Gary Onks      


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Who Are You Selling To?


81 Million Seniors
growing rapidly
40% of market

76 Million Boomers
shrinking quickly
38% of market

44 Million X/Yers
steadily decreasing
22% of market


Seniorized® Factoid: (YES, Seniors want YOUR Products and Services)


"Sales to Companies or Sales to Consumers are Sales to Seniors"

because They are the Decision Makers in Boardrooms, Offices & Homes

Seniors Dominate the Marketplace!




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